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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wanna know Wednesday....

[Sorta... I missed Wednesday! I had SUCH a stressful day yesterday!!!! And today too! So one day late, here is my Wanna know Wednesday....]

When does school start?

For the Kastner Family... school starts the Wednesday after Labor Day. When I taught at H.C.S., I absolutely ADORED the idea of having the Tuesday after Labor Day off before school starts. Therefore, when we started homeschooling, that was the model we adopted. (Well except for the year John had brain surgery... that year we had brain surgery the Tuesday after Labor Day so school did NOT start the Wednesday after Labor Day.)

As the years have passed, I have developed more reasons for placing our "First Day of School" on that day. Like:

In my experience, going "back to school" is not much fun for homeschooled kids... no new school clothes... no seeing your friends after a long summer apart.... no new teacher, new class, new room... it is all the SAME... therefore, it is my belief that a SHORT first week of school is good for not-too-thrilled-about-going-back-to-school children and the parents who have to teach them :)

Soooooo when does school start for you?

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