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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day of School Eve

Tonight we had a First Day of School Eve party. It was F-U-N.. FUN! We started with a "Great Things About Homeschooling" scavenger hunt which ended with a First Day of School present (pencils, erasers and sharpeners). We had cake to celebrate and ended with prayer for a great week of school. It was a fun way to build the excitement for the first day.
We spent the earlier part of the day building the excitement as well... we woke up on time to practice our morning routine. We cleaned and filled our desks. We got binders ready.
Noah... is not AT ALL excited about the start of school. Noah loves to hate school. Jeremiah, Elijah and Hannah are very excited. Elijah and Hannah have been begging me ALL day to start school today ***so cute***.
So tomorrow is the big day! And we are READY! now if I could just get them to fall asleep tonight!

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