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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I full well know what a dork I am... No one in their RIGHT mind should get THIS excited about school supplies, curriculum, lesson plans.... However this time of year ALWAYS takes me back.... to a time when I got paid to do what I love to do... See right now

1. I have one job where I get paid... period.
2. I have another job where I get paid to do what I like to do...
3.  and I have one job where I don't get paid to do what I love to do...

But when I was a teacher, I got to do what I LOVED to do. I got to plan lessons, impart knowledge, see that light bulb of comprehension go on above a child's head.... and I got PAID (although not very much) to do it!  AWESOME!  This time of year always takes me back a little!

Alas, I digress...

I know how dorky it is to get THIS excited about things like this:

*two weeks ago I bought expensive zipper binders for the boys. Mead Pro Platinum Heavy Duty Zipper Binder, 1-1/2"
I searched and searched for JUST the right ones. I needed a 3-ring binder part for their dividers (can I get a WITNESS??? who was in my 6th grade class?  remember the BINDERS???? my kids do them too!!!!)  I also needed file sections for 1.) work to be completed 2.) work to be graded 3.) work to be filed. I found them... paid $10 each for them (nearly puked at the price but rationalized, "They should last more than one year, right???") this was a BIG purchase for me and I hemmed and hawed and loved EVERY minute of picking those binders!

*at least once a week ALL SUMMER LONG I visit the A Beka site...


refill my shopping cart with the books I'm gonna buy... Then hop on over to to virtually shop for our math curriculum....
Saxon Math 3, Student Work Kit & Fact Cards   -
Tomorrow I get to click PURCHASE on my orders.  I'm seriously so excited I'm not sure how I'll sleep tonight!

*I wait with anxious anticipation of the first day of "traditional" school then I wait a few more days... and I CHARGE to Walmart list in hand and snatch up all the clearance school supplies I can fit in my cart.  LOVE IT!  Can't wait for it!

Also, first week of school planning is under way!!!!  It's gonna be a first week of school CELEBRATION like the Kastners have never seen before!

1. Each child gets to pick a favorite meal to be consumed during the first week.
2. The first day we have a CAKE to celebrate.
3. Fireworks!  Last year we did FIREWORKS to celebrate the end of the first day of school... think we'll do those again.
4. Presents!!!!  We're having presents this year!'
(I'm sure there will be more hoopla!  I have over a week still to come up with more crazy ideas! so stay tuned)

9 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's coming!!!!!!

The beginning of the school year is RAPIDLY approaching!  In fact, so rapidly I haven't finished purchasing supplies!!!!  I'm so excited and ready for the year.

Here's a sneak peek:

*Hannah's in Kindergarten!!!!!
*brand new (EXPENSIVE) binder system
*History of War (Noah's social studies... he's gonna LOVE it!)
*Science by Dad (crazy MythBusters style science experiments... the MESSIER the better!)
*Psalm 27... that's our first memorization this year... good stuff. You should READ it!
*Family Reading... 1st novel: Pilgrim's Progress



*I really TRULY hope to blog BETTER about homeschooling!  This poor site is my most neglected blog.

So get to swimming Kastner kids!  the end of summer approaches!

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