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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wanna know Wednesday...

Here's my question of the week:

What's your favorite part of homeschooling?

(I'm answering right now. I will post the kiddos answers later.)

My favorite part is just being there.... Being there to hear Hannah recite the books of the Bible to herself... Being there to see Elijah's brain working through the window of his bright blue eyes.... Being there to feel the excitement in Jeremiah's anticipation of the next chapter of our historical novel... Being there to observe Noah's confidence grow as he learns new math concepts... My favorite part is just BEING THERE.  That's my favorite part.


  1. Hmm. . . not sure I have a favorite although I agree with you. I believe that quality time with our children comes from the quantity of time that you spend with them. I.E. most of the time, you can't "plan" quality time. . . it just happens :)

  2. Hmmm...for me too, I guess I like knowing my kids so well. That's not to say that school parents don't know their kids well, it just seems like we're really close and familiar with each other. Some days, I could stand a break that's for sure. Nevertheless, I love being there too. I love hearing them sing the history and bible song as I'm folding laundry. Watching them wrestle around with each other half the time is pretty neat, but don't tell them that. I keep telling them it belongs outside or in the basement. They come and show me their Lego pyramids and drawings and imaginary worlds. Usually, my mind is 10 miles away, but I still get to experience it and remember when things are quiet (like right now).

    If anyone would like to send over a janitor and kitchen staff, I won't complain. Then I could really get some of these beautiful lessons accomplished with more frequency. Nevertheless, it definitely seems to fit us. Every now and then Daddy can play a quick game of football during the day or show them how a quality snow shoveling job is accomplished, etc. Since August, Tom left the partners and moved his office home. That's nice too. We're all on the same page for the most part. Well Brucey tries to write his own private version of how life is supposed to be, but he'll get there. Individuality seems to flourish, but we're definitely not living on different planets. I'm carrying on and on. Thanks for starting this blog. It's neat.

    See ya around, Joanne

  3. My favorite part is that I get to learn about the Bible.

  4. I get to see my family and my pets while I do school.


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