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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wanna know Wednesday...

I decided to start something new.... Kinda a round table "ish" thing...  On Wednesday's I will post a question, I'd love some feedback from other homeschoolers... So comment PLEASE! Cuz I "Wanna know" what you think/do/plan!  (It's on Wednesdays because I'm all about alliteration).  Here's today's question:

I wanna know - what curriculum you use.


  1. Ha! I'm answering my own question! We use a hodgepodge....

    Bible - AWANA and TONS of scripture memory
    Math - Saxon all the way BABY!
    Language - A beka (I will NEVER stray)
    Science & Social Studies - A beka/Jami makes it up as she goes kinda thing... (for exmaple right now we are reading one of the My America journals as a little respite from our A beka history}
    Spelling - A beka +

  2. We use all Abeka! I tried a.c.e. paces and wasn't impressed. I used alpha omega and Izac hated it. DOIng school with him was a battle everyday. The last two years have been Abeka and he loves it. I hace heard amazing things about sonlight and I am highly considering that for Emma this upcoming year! I find It to be a bit on the pricey side though.

  3. I forgot to say our phonics program:

    Click N Kids... LOVE it!

  4. Oh boy. We use a bit of this and a bit of that - different for every child

    For Bible right now, we are studying some answers in Genesis Books and memorizing the end of Isaiah 28. For the academic subjects, We only use curriculum for the 3R's - everything else is delight driven, living books or field trips.

    Math - teaching textbooks
    Lang arts Spelling Power and C book (cursive),

    Luke - on full break except speech therapy and physical therapy practice. Will be all new after Christmas and then new again after the neuropsych eval. We are considering Dianne Craft as she specializing in Brain Integration therapy but haven't made any decisions yet.

    Sing Spell Read Write
    Montesoori Math Manipulatives

    We are enjoying the audio version of Story of the World right now :-)

  5. Phonics - Sing, Spell Read & Write Workbooks/Readers and Starfall online
    Language Arts - They write letters, I correct (no formal grammar until Junior High)
    Math - Rod & Staff (grades 1-3), Saxon after that (However, now my nephew lives with us and is a "challenge", we'll say. We use Teaching Textbooks with him.)
    History - Make them read, read, read lots of biographies and interesting books on history
    Spelling - Make them read a lot, correct their writings.
    Science - We plan to do lapbooks in the new year, also read Nature Readers.

  6. I have used sonlight in the passed and really enjoyed the books. The english program was nice but we didn't use it effectively. I love the concept of it but I am only and afterschooling kinda mom

  7. Funny, I thought I answered this when it first came through. Maybe I didn't sign in or something. Maybe I just thought about answering. Chuckle...

    Here goes:

    Joey is on a Neurodevelopmental Program that changes every quarter. He also sits in on everything else with Ben, but I don't expect more from him than he can give me. He's progressing nicely, but still not processing like his peers. We're praying that the big jump in academic proficiency happens in the next year or two (like others have experienced). It looks like he's on the brink of fastgrowth soon anyway.

    Ben just finished the Veritas Press' self paced online history course called "Old Testament/Ancient Egypt". Soon he'll start New Testament/Greece and Rome. We also utilize their scholars lesson plans and are working on various years in Shurley Grammar, Prima Latina, Genesis Through Joshua & The New Testament, Reading & Handwriting, The Phonetic Zoo, and Geography. We also utilize their suggestions for Art & Music, but these are getting done far less often than the others. For science we love Master Books, anything from Answers in Genesis, Lyrical Science, Institute for Creation Research, Christian Liberty Nature Readers, etc., etc., etc. History also tends to fall into the science realm quite a bit. Netflix videostreaming comes in handy too. Although they don't enjoy most of them as much as the others.

    Bruce will start the VP plans soon. For now he's basically teaching himself via lots of practice that he naturally does on his own. This is a huge blessing, because he's so much work in the discipline department. Chuckle.


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