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Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes homeschooling is HARD

I was thinking yesterday about how in a traditional school setting, the teacher gets "prep periods" (oh how fondly I remember prep periods) and how a janitor comes in at the end of the school day and cleans the classroom (oh what I wouldn't give for a janitor!)...  Last night as I laid my head on my pillow finally dropping into exhausted rest at 11:09 p.m. with cooking class still spread all over the kitchen table, math and language all over the counter, and the after effects of PE swirling about my living room, I thought about how HARD this thing called homeschooling is.  I mean HARD!  School seeps into every pore of your life.  There are NO breaks.  You don't get a janitor or a prep period.

But I guess as they say, "Nothing worth having is free."  And this is SO worthwhile!  Who cares about the cooking class all over the kitchen table?!?!  I got to observe the delight over "eating all the broken ones" first hand!  Who cares about Math and Language all over the counter?!?!  I saw the light bulb flashing BRIGHTLY over Noah's head as we got ready to DIAGRAM SENTENCES (she said in pure awe of the JOY of DIAGRAMMING SENTENCES).  Who cares about the PE tornado that hit the living room?!?!  My kids have the best Tae Kwon Do teacher EVER!  (And they don't have to suffer the horror of the locker room after gym!)

So just like I do with the rest of life... when Homeschooling gets tough I remind myself of the GREAT parts... and then it doesn't seem so tough anymore.

Peace out, peops!

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