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Friday, September 16, 2011

National Play-doh Day

One of my biggest goals this year is to make school more FUN! Since I work (TWO JOBS) from home and homeschool... life here often turns into something that resembles boot camp dipped in concentration camp.  I mean business! ALL of the TIME!  Well this year my goal is to throw a little bit of FUN into my business!  Sooooooooooo...

Today we celebrated National Play-doh Day (all I have to say is my transformation into my mother is now complete... henceforth, I will answer to the name Kathi Haugh as well as my given name.)

You all know how I feel about Pay-doh right??? I like to call it Satan's-doh... Does that give you a hint?

But actually our Play-doh party turned out just fine. We had a BLAST! Of course because we're homeschoolers we had to turn it into a lesson... we MADE the play-doh from scratch... complete with food coloring so it would be colorful.

It was very orderly and as crafts go... not too messy. Fun was had by all!  See for yourself:

Play-doh party TUCKERED her out!

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