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Friday, September 9, 2011

First week recap

Did ya miss me? PHEW! That first week hit me HARD, but it is going GREAT!  I actually stayed on top of my MRA workload, kept current with all our lesson plans, almost met my writing quota and threw in a surprise trip to Hartford during the middle of the first day of school to get two tires replaced after I ran into a curb, breaking a steel belt in my back tire. We had a busy but GREAT week!

I don't want to jinx anything but I really feel like we have turned some odd kinda corner attitudinally (it's a Jamism... deal with it!)

Noah---- will always vocalize his dislike for school (however, I feel some of that is remnants from the icky traditional schooling experience he had and I am hopeful that every year it will dissipate a little more.)  He is not "thrilled" about school on the outside, but my teacher's eye can see that he is a little different. His blogs are MUCH more verbose. He is VERY engaged in his math. While we haven't yet started social studies, I can tell he is excited... he is studying the weapons from historical wars this year and that is RIGHT up his alley.

Jeremiah... he REALLY loves school. He loves the Bible. He loves AWANA. He loves just about everything. He has such a sweet teachable heart and does some of the most amazing things. Today, he and Elijah got into trouble. I really don't know what it was as I was doing laundry and daddy was handling the situation. I came into the living room to hear him saying, "Dad I want to take Elijah's punishment." John said, "Jeremiah why do you want to do that?" Crying, Jeremiah said, "Dad, I just don't want Elijah to have to be sad." I don't know why I was lucky enough to have that angel straight from Heaven dropped in my lap, but I am GLAD to be blessed with the teaching and the raising of him.

Elijah... He LOVES school. He LOVES school. HE LOVES SCHOOL!  He is SO excited to finally have his own e-mail and be blogging. He begs me thirty times a day to let him check his e-mail. He loves being in THIRD GRADE! He is so glad he gets to start learning cursive this year. He is also RACING along by leaps and bounds in his reading, doing great in math and excelling in his penmanship. His year is DEFINITELY off to a good start.

Hannah... oh dear Hannah. What a kindergartner!  Like none I've had before. It is like God said, "Jami, you toughed it out through trying to get three little boys to sit still and learn crud for the past three years, now I give you---- A GIRL!" She is excited not only to be in school "like her brothers." She is very well suited for school tasks. She likes reading. She loves learning. She is fine with sitting still. The only thing is once in a GREAT while (okay FINE! three times per subject AT LEAST) I have to fight her tiny little will. We have a bit of a mother/daughter conflict going on, but with a little support from Daddy and a tiny little will   stubborn as a mule will of my own, we are making it just fine thank you.

Today was such a blessing! Our homeschooling neighbors were unable to do recess, so to make up for that we took an impromptu trip to Hartford for lunch and the park (I have REALLY got to get them to the park more often. I literally think that was the first time since we MOVED that we've been to a park! that's in TWO YEARS! yikes!) anywho a picnic lunch, playing at the park, beautiful sunshiny day... were a PERFECT way to end the first week of school.

Forward HO! We are on to next week!

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